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 Herbert Hofmann 
 Real Estate Professional
 Certified Hotel Management
 Languages: English, German, Polish, Russian

Herbert Hofmann, born in 1964 in Mannheim, Germany, grew up in the family business. His grandfather, Ferdinand Hofmann III, built in the year of his birth a large residential complex with 14 units. The ongoing construction and expansion of the property of his grandfather, then taken over by his father shaped life early on - the "Bauluft" would not let him go. At the age of 24, he moved to his first property and this laid the foundation for his future field of activity. After training as a hotel manager, he realized that you "earn bread" in his real estate business and you can simultaneously create a stable investment for the future. In 15 successful years, Herbert Hofmann had already built, rented and sold several houses.

Herbert Hofmann: "I have nothing to do on Thursday, lets start building a house!"

In 2008, the old love was rekindled by a Florida vacation and Herbert Hofmann recognized the opportunities that were just in the making. The real estate crisis in the United States / Florida offered the opportunity for bold ne adventures. It did not take long before the decision was taken together with the family to emigrate to the United States to develop new businesses there. Firstly, the experience of the hotel industry and construction industry in Germany could flow into the rental cottages. . After an excellent completion with a grade of A + + as a certified Realtor then the door was pushed open properly only to the world of U.S. real estate.

Herbert Hofmann: "It is all about the right mix": dollar, excellent price, the right location and the strong local support, make a good investment possible."

Today countless clients appreciate the Hofmann team, not only because of their reliability and punctuality but also because of the honesty with which they advise their clients.

Herbert Hofmann: We believe in Florida - because it is unique in the world: a weather guarantee with over 300 days of sunshine, safety, western standard of living, intelligible language, similar culture, sea, sun, beach, awesome cars and Harleys and security terms with real estate investment . This is only available here!

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