Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage

Don't Waste Your Valuable Time Looking Until You’re Pre-Qualified

Pre-Qualification Letter In Hand

It is standard practice to have a pre-qualification in-hand when you find a home or land that you want to make an offer on.  Most sellers are requiring a pre-qualification letter to be accompanied along with any offer.

Know What You Can Afford

You might have an idea of the loan payment and mortgage you can afford.  But will the bank feel otherwise?  It's always best to pre-qualify for a mortgage so you know exactly how much a financial institution would be willing to lend you.

Pre-Qualification Process

In this process, you will find out:

  • Exactly how much home or land you can afford
  • How much cash you will need for the down payment
  • The minimum down payment, and advantages of higher down payments
  • What the bank feels you can afford for a monthly payment

Working With A Preferred Lender

The standards for lending are changing all of the time.  Usually problems arise when you feel that you can get a loan anytime without actually checking first.  We will give you a referral to a Preferred Lender that will help you determine the best financial route for your next purchase.

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